Rawhide Custom QR Code Keychain
Rawhide Custom QR Code Keychain

Rawhide Custom QR Code Keychain

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QR Code keychains are the perfect accessory! Forget your business card and someone asks about your link? No problem. Have them scan your code right then and there and bookmark your link for later! 

Not only can QR codes be used for business, they can be used for special messages, songs, etc. as well. All you need to do is leave your custom link in the box below! For links, if you'd like to link more than one website, we recommend using Linktree to pull all of your links up at once! 

QR codes are engraved on the back of the keychain. On the front of the keychain is custom text. Logos can be engraved but they MUST be in sold black and white. No gray gradients, etc. are allowed for custom logos. If you need to convert your logo to black and white, we recommend using the following website: https://pinetools.com/threshold-image

Size: 2 3/4" x 1 1/4"

Please note, small intricate details or very thin text is not recommended for engraving. The Knotty Mama LLC will not refund/replace keychains due to low quality submitted files, etc. 

Turnaround time is 10-14 business days excluding holidays, weekends, and any time scheduled off via the website popup.

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