Custom Temporary Tattoos
Custom Temporary Tattoos
Custom Temporary Tattoos
Custom Temporary Tattoos
Custom Temporary Tattoos

Custom Temporary Tattoos

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Temporary tattoos have finally arrived at The Knotty Mama! These are perfect for logos, birthday parties, events, store events, and much more! 

These are formulated to be easy on the skin and not cause irritation with removal. They are easily removable with soap and water. Any remaining residue can be removed with 90% rubbing alcohol. 

Tattoos are shipped cut out as individual squares. You will need to trim the tattoos. Cutting them out as close to the tattoo as possible is recommended. 

1.) Clean skin with soap and water. 
2.) Remove clear protective film from tattoo sheet. 
3.) Place tattoo face down on the skin. 
4.) Using a rag, paper towel, etc. wet the tattoo for 30 seconds or more if desired. 
5.) Carefully remove paper backing to reveal your temporary tattoo. 

It is normal to see some sticky residue on the top of the tattoo once the clear film is removed. This adhesive film is what adheres the tattoo to your skin. 

Custom files need to be submitted with a white backing or transparent only. Anything with a colored backing will be printed on the tattoo. Files need to be uploaded ready to print. Custom designs by The Knotty Mama are not currently available for temporary tattoos. 

For your viewing, we've uploaded tattoo size guides. The quantity of tattoos will vary based on the size you've selected. Tattoos are sized to the LONGEST side of your design. Based on the image you submit, your design will either be sized by the height or the width of the design, whichever happens to be the longest side. 

For any questions please email 
Emails are typically answered in 24-48 business hours.

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